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  The Flying Tomato is the brain child of Bob White, an accomplished racing driver,
   car builder, and innovator of artistic function and design.  This little 48’ Fiat can
   roar down  the strip at speeds to 200 miles per hour. This amazing car joins a

   group of thrill seeking drivers known as “The Wild Bunch”. The original  “Wild Bunch”    entertained drag racing fans in the 70’s and 80’s. Now they are back again.


  EMCO Motorsports is sponsored by EMCO Elevator Company which is owned by
   Bob White. The success of the “Flying Tomato” is based upon the technicians

   that provide the hands on labor to make this little car go fast. Without their skills

   this tomato would not fly. Credit must also be given to Bob for his driving skills.

   Bob’s career high is 6.01 - 235 mph.